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Noah Mendelson Raffle








This painting by Noah Mendelson is currently being raffled at Trillium. The raffle will run until April 21st. Tickets are one for $5 or five for $20. For more information, please contact us at (304) 645-3003 or at

Growing up on a small farm north of Renick, West Virginia, Noah Mendelson discovered painting as his preferred medium of self-expression at an early age. He has been a prolific painter for over 25 years, having received his BA in visual art from Berea College. Currently based in Mexico, his work has been exhibited across the United States, from Atlanta to Martha's Vineyard, from Phoenix to New Orleans. Mendelson feels his creative process is both intuitively guided and self-reflective. He says he relishes "the continuity between interior consciousness and the external life that rises from that consciousness" and that it is extraordinary "to experience art in its every facet of evolution."

For information on purchasing these original early works by Noah Mendelson, please contact the office.

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