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There are many quick and easy ways to donate without spending a penny of your own money.


When you sign up for Kroger's Community Rewards program, Kroger will donate a portion of each of your purchases to Trillium. All you have to do is swipe your loyalty card at the checkout like usual!

Use and a percentage of your payment goes to Trillium when you enter it as your "choice of charitable organization." Over 500 stores are available, from Amazon to eBay to Travelocity.


Use as a search engine and enter Trillium Performing Arts as the charitable organization every time you do a search, Trillium receives at least "1 penny per search."


Donated inkjet and laser cartridges, as well as used cell phones, serve as a fundraiser for Trillium and help the environment. Bring to the office or the Lewis Theatre ticket window.


Interested in making a larger donation? 


Are you interested in advertising with Trillium? Our Season Sponsor book, released each fall, is distributed to audience members at every concert and performance. It is also available every day in the lobby of the Lewis Theatre. Advertising with Trillium draws attention to your business and helps support the performing arts! Contact our office for more information.


As a non-profit organization, Trillium strives to make its programs accessible to all members of the community. A Scholarship Fund was initiated in 2009 to provide assistance to students need financial support. Donations of all sizes are welcome and needed.


WV Neighborhood Investment Credits (NIPs) are available in limited amounts to offset 50% of the value of donations at $500 and above. Earn tax credits while supporting the arts!  The federal deduction is still allowed, so $1000 donated can cost as little as $335 net, depending on tax rate of donor.


A $1000 donation will "etch your name in history "on a new seat at the Lewis Theatre and help us renovate the 1939 theatre into a versatile new performance space. For more information on this project, contact the office. There are 55 remaining seats available for dedication!

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